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Hi everyone!

Like all food web sites, we love to eat and cook. The reason why we set out on this road is; To present to you what we have cooked and tried in our kitchen with this love, and to ensure that the recipes reach your table from our kitchen.

We have worked in our own law office in Istanbul for more than 20 years. In this period, we created an opportunity for ourselves and did  tourism management in one of the corners of Turkey, where we hosted countless guests in a three-decare garden for five years. We did not let anyone else into the kitchen because we believed that food was not just an activity to fill the stomach. We made jams with the fruits we collected from our garden, we bought special cheese made in the highland, we went to the village market in the early hours and bought vegetables, and we prepared breakfasts and meals with them, respecting all diets. Our guests had long conversations at long tables, sometimes they played, we sang together. We fed cauliflower, eggplant to those who say they never eat it 🙂

1.5 years ago, we collected all our things and started to live in Málaga, Spain. As always, we are in the kitchen in all our free time, sometimes we make traditional dishes, sometimes we try new ones. In our opinion, we have the richest cuisine in the world, and we want everyone to know our richness, which is the result of the interaction of many civilizations, peoples and cultures that lived in that land. We research, we learn as we research, and we understand that the food is an endless sea. That is why we have prepared this site in three languages. Every contribution you make to us, every local, traditional, universal recipe, every comment you share on this site will give all of us the opportunity to know dishes and cultures. Leaving aside our prejudices, we will recognize while introducing, we will learn while teaching…

We hope that this site will please you and contribute to our goal, even if it is a small one.

Yours affectionately.


My Milestones

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